Here Is What’s Happening In Sweden, What Does The Left Have To Say About This?

According to sources, violent riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant suburb of Stockholm, late Monday, after Swedish police arrested a suspect on drug charges.

This development comes just days after President Donald Trump, sparking controversy among critics, referenced an incident involving immigrants in Sweden.

Shortly after police arrested the drug suspect in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, officials say unidentified suspects started throwing rocks at police, setting cars on fire, and looting nearby stores. Some reportedly wore masks to obscure their identities.

Sources from the Associate Press reported:

One officer was slightly injured when a rock hit his arm and one person was arrested for throwing rocks, police spokesman Lars Bystrom said Tuesday. Some civilians who tried to stop the looters were also assaulted, he added.

Another officer fired his gun, not as a warning shot but because he was “in a situation that demanded he used his firearm,” Bystrom said, adding “no one was hit.”

Officials said police are currently investigating several crimes: assault on a police officer, aggravated thefts, violent rioting, and two additional cases of assault.

President Trump came under scrutiny earlier this week when he referenced “what’s happening last night in Sweden.”

Trump stated that he was referencing a Fox News report on immigrants in Sweden. However, it appears he may have caught filmmaker Ami Horowitz’s appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” during which a clip from a documentary that purports to show refugees carrying out acts of violence in Sweden.

It seems as though Trump was right.



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