TRUMP GAVE THE ORDER – MASS DEPORTATION JUST STARTED! Hundreds of Immigrants Arrestet in U.S. Enforcement Surge!

Trump just gave the order – and massive deportations of illegals form America just started!

THIS IS AWESOME NEWS! This is what America wanted and asked for so long! And nobody had the balls to do it, until Trump came in the White House!


U.S. federal immigration agents arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least four states this week in what officials on Friday called routine enforcement actions.

 The enforcement actions took place in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and surrounding areas, said David Marin, director of enforcement and removal for the Los Angeles field office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Only five of 161 people arrested in Southern California would not have been enforcement priorities under the Obama administration, he said.

The agency did not release a total number of detainees. The Atlanta office, which covers three states, arrested 200 people, Bryan Cox, a spokesman for the office, said. The 161 arrests in the Los Angeles area were made in a region that included seven highly populated counties, Marin said.

Trump recently broadened the categories of people who could be targeted for immigration enforcement to anyone who had been charged with a crime, removing an Obama-era exception for people convicted of traffic misdemeanors, Kagan said.

Finally we are going to have law and order in America! Finally lower working class in America will be protected against illegals who are stealing their jobs and lowering the wages to a minimum, below living standard needed for a normal life in America!

That’s why American cities are dying, that’s why American suburbs and whole states are ruined and destroyed, we need jobs and we need higher wages!

Stupid trade deals, massive illegal immigration, high taxes killed American families and American working class!!!

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