Social Security Administration Confirms: Illegal Aliens To Begin Collecting Benefits In 2017

We found out about that emergency because of a request from Senator Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) who additionally requested that the SSA run the numbers on what number of our New Americans would gather benefits legitimately after Obama wrongfully destroys our citizenship laws. The central statistician reacted that he expects around 16,000 “New Americans” to start gathering Old-Age, Survivor’s, and Disability Insurance benefits by 2017, with the aggregate rising consistently throughout the following four decades until it hits 695,000.

As Ryan Lovelace at National Review watches, even this gauge is foolishly hopeful, since it accept the stream of expatriates will diminish after 2016. As a general rule, we’ll be hit by wave after rush of new illegals searching for their bit of the reprieve pie.

The stream will just abatement if Obama’s successor is greatly fiery about building almost invulnerable fringe security, and quick. We generally get guarantees of such security, obviously – we’ve been hearing them for a considerable length of time, while a relentless host of outsiders walked over the outskirt and apparently checkmated our Ruling Class into making them nationals. The odds of it really event are not great.

Another rosy assumption on SSA’s part is that the government will begin focusing more heavily on “identifying and departing undocumented residents who represent threats to national security, border security, and public safety.” We’ve been hearing that promise for decades too, while illegal alien criminals happily ride the catch-and-release merry-go-round, popping up on American soil again and again, some even after committing serious crimes.

During Shutdown Theater, the Obama Administration thought nothing of releasing a huge number of alien criminals as part of its effort to terrorize the American people into thinking that even the most limited government shutdown is instantly unbearable. Columnist Ann Coulter recently noted that illegal aliens kill far more Americans in a month than ISIS has during its entire existence, but we’re not even allowed to discuss the former as a security threat, let alone treat them like one.


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