When Obama Said Our Veterans Are Fools, He Didn’t Expect Them To Hit Back HARD!

During the past 8 years, we can say that we have heard a number of low-life things coming from our president Barack Obama. But, the thing you are going to hear now, is definitely the worst one, proving that he is a failed president.

According to Yes I’m Right:

We can’t express how proud we are!

These people are real heroes, definitely the best thing that America has to offer. Women and men that have fought bravely for our liberty, the right to freedom of life, and the pursuit of happiness. What person could do better than this?

Obviously not you, Obama! You should immediately give your apologies to them, showing your respect! But we are aware that you do not respect anyone, even real heroes like these people. So sadly for you, Obama… Do you agree with us that Barack Obama should apologize?


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