WHILE NO ONE WAS LOOKING: Obama Just Stabbed Every Disabled Person In The Back!

Before leaving the office, the Obama administration proves once again that is nothing more but a bunch of traitors. What they did is just disgusting! Into the final weeks, they are trying to pack as much crap as possible.

President Obama just took away the second Amendment rights from SSI recipients. A few days ago, Barack Obama finished a policy that will deprive all recipients of SSI- Supplemental Security Income of the Second Amendment.

Not only that these people are considered as “mental defectives” by the new law, but also the second Amendment does not apply to them.

President Barack Obama has officially implemented the social security gun ban which will prevent elderly people from purchasing guns.

After everything we have seen from this man, all we can say is that he is nothing more but a TRAITOR. And we are really grateful that he will be gone in 2 weeks!!


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