Nasty Judge Sends BIG ‘F You’ To Trump With SICK Act In Court — Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Justice When She Looked Up

A pissed off Texas judge decided to go rogue by completely abandoning her responsibility to be unbiased and with the sickening act she was caught doing in the middle of her court. It was clear that her message was a big ‘F You’ to our new president, which immediately backfired on her when she looked up from the stand.

According to her website, Judge Sarah Eckhardt is allegedly “One of Travis County’s most respected elected officials.” Because nothing screams “respectable” quite like wearing a genital-based pink “pussy hat” from the Women’s March in her courtroom. Seriously, what grown woman would ever leave her house wearing one of those things and not feel embarrassment?

The “judge” part of her title is honorary, as she’s not actually a judge or even acting as an attorney in her county. It would be more appropriate to liken her position to Mayor of the county, as she’s an elected official who campaigned as a Democrat. However, as soon as she looked up fro her stand with this stupid hat on her head and smirk on her face, her antics backfired on her as people came out of the woodwork to criticize her abuse of power.

In that sense, everyone in her county already knew where she stood politically, but was it appropriate to wear a hat, the name of which can’t even be said on television? It’s needless to say that while legal, there was plenty of backlash online that a judge would wear a hat that essentially represents turning one’s genitals into a political statement.

 As TruthFeed‘s Amy Moreno put it, how would you feel if a judge came into work wearing the hat below?
Legal or not, judge Eckhardt has done a great service for the residents of Travis County in giving them all a reason to vote her out of office.

Eckhardt has yet to comment on the photo on her own social media.



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