Nasty Chelsea Just Got Career-Killing News, She Was Humiliated And Is Finished [Details]

It’s truly pathetic how the Clinton clan and their network of cronies is still pathetically attempting to cling to power despite the fact that Bill Clinton, the only true arguable success in the family, is clearly in ill health. Hillary found out the hard way that the popularity of Bill doesn’t automatically transfer over to her, just like Bill’s Vice President Al Gore discovered when he, too, ran for President in 2000.

The Clintons’ daughter Chelsea can’t seem to get the message, which is clearly hereditary. Some people within the bubble of Clinton world have been urging clueless Chelsea to follow in her parents’ footsteps and run for elected office, but Chelsea just got smacked down with some very harsh news.

According to reports, many influential Democrats are joining forces to state in no uncertain terms that they will not support Chelsea Clinton running for office. Earlier this month, the Democrats National Committee held a forum, and it ended up being a free for all of Chelsea bashing. Said Democrat Guinnevere Boyd of Alaska, “Chelsea needs to go away. She has nothing to offer. She has said some horrible clueless things about progressives and progressive issues.” Added Democrat Mike Bender of Maryland, “The country does not have any more appetite for any Clintons.”

Bender continued, “Enough is enough, and frankly I think the Clinton policies, going back to (former President) Bill (Clinton), are what took the Democrats to the center and the right, and you can see what kind of enthusiasm that inspired.” Even super liberal Huffington Post writers weighed in, with Democrat columnist Michael Sainato penning a story with the headline “Chelsea Clinton Is the Last Thing the Democratic Party Needs.”

Wrote Sainato, “This would be a disaster for the Democratic Party, Chelsea Clinton’s potential emergence into politics opens the door for Democratic opposition to continue citing the litany of scandals and disastrous policies championed by the Clintons. The only good to come out of this would be for Chelsea Clinton to lose a congressional race, thereby re-teaching a lesson the Democratic establishment has continuously failed to learn.” Do you agree?

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