MEXICO JUST BROKE! Look What They Just BEGGED Donald Trump to Do for Them!

You all remember when President-Elect Trump promised that he is going to renegotiate NAFTA, right? Well, prepare yourself for some amazing news… Now, Mexico is BEGGING him to renegotiate!

It seems that Luis Videgaray, the new Secretary of Mexico for foreign relations is TERRIFIED that Mexico will be left without jobs because of the promise of Trump to tax anything they send her. After all the winning they saw from him, managing to bring car companies back to our country, he is ready to do almost ANYTHING to win back the US’s favor!

Almost anything… He wants an immediate meeting with Trump, but at the same time, he is refusing to pay for the wall!

According to Liberty Writers News:

Trump, you have our support!

He managed to already put Mexico right where he wants them before he even takes the office!!


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