Liberal Woman Kept Muslim “Refugees” From Being Deported, LOOK How They “Thanked” Her

The details of last week’s terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden are finally being revealed — and they document a dark reality.

Maïlys Dereymaeker, a 31-year-old mother, was the first victim to be struck by the hijacked truck. She was a psychologist and activist who helped prevent the deportation of asylum seekers. (via Daily Mail)

Maïlys was visiting Stockholm with friends when her life was cut short in the terrorist attack.

This tragedy should act as a warning to all the activists fighting for Muslims to enter into or remain in your country. Terrorists do not care about you, and they desire your death along with all infidels.

Maïlys was the first of four who died after a terrorist hijacked a truck and drove it through the busy urban center of Sweden.

Rakhmat Akilove has been identified as the terrorist. He originally came to Sweden from Uzbekistan, seeking asylum. He was a supporter of ISIS, and he posted terrorist propaganda on social media.

The terrorist was supposed to have been deported from Sweden, but the ineffective Swedish police did not oversee his deportation themselves. They ordered Rakhmat to leave Sweden on his own, and gave him four weeks to do so.

Of course, Rakhmat went into hiding instead of following the orders to leave the country. He was already known to police for using fake identities, and he had been arrested previously. For some reason, police let the dangerous man free, and merely asked him nicely to leave the country.

Now, the police have blood on their hands. If they were willing to do their job and kick out the ISIS supporter, then Maïlys Dereymaeker and three others would still be alive.

Radical Islamic terrorists do not distinguish between pro-immigration activists and immigration skeptics. We are all infidels deserving of death in their eyes.

The only way to prevent future attacks is to eliminate Islam from within our borders. The barbaric religion has no place in a modern society.

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