Joy Behar Runs Her Big Ugly Mouth at Trump… GETS A BRUTAL RESPONSE

Joy Behar and her fellow liberal nitwit hosts of The View have spent the last few months attacking President Donald Trump on a daily basis. On Tuesday, Behar tried to attack the intelligence of both Trump and his supporters, but Twitter users immediately let her know that she’s the REAL ignorant one.

Breitbart reported that the women were discussing Trump’s tweets about Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District when Behar said Trump uses his “limited” vocabulary and “thinking” to appeal to people “who are afraid of things.

“Trump, what he does, he’s so limited in his vocabulary and his thinking,” Behar said. “It’s like, he’ll tweet, ‘They make you less safe’ — fearmongering, ‘More immigrants are coming in’ — fearmongering, ‘They’re going to raise your taxes’ — it’s all fearmongering. And he appeals to people who are afraid of things and that’s what he does. People need to wake up.

Twitter users didn’t hold back in calling Behar out for her ignorance.

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