BREAKING! Jill Stein’s Recount Just Accidentally Exposed Serious Voter Fraud In Michigan

It is official! The 15 minutes of fame of the failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein are over.

She made great efforts for a vote recount, and raised millions in this procedure, practically for nothing!

Michigan was one of Stein’s targeted states. All she was hoping was that there will be a voter fraud, showing that Donald Trump did not win the state.

Far different from what she expected, it turns out that the recount was in favor of President-Elect Trump as there were a number of votes counted more than once.

Just like we expected!

According to Young Cons:

In the video below County Clerk Barb Byrum explains how disqualification could be in order for precincts…

Sounds like Trump was right about vote fraud…

Karma exists, huh? And it seems like they got slapped right in the face!!!


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